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Personal Training

Initial Phone Consultation

The first thing we will do is have a quick chat over the phone and see if Lush Fitness is the right training for you. If you feel I can help you work towards achieving your goals and I feel that we can move forward straight away, we will then move onto setting our first session dates together. If however I feel that part of your health history needs a doctor's referral I will seek your permission to get written confirmation from your GP or health practitioner to continue with your exercise programme.

First Session

We spend the first 20 minutes talking about your goals and look over your health history. It's a time for us to set yourself goals that are tailored for you and an opportunity for me to learn about you and your lifestyle.

During this session we will take some measurements and conduct some fitness tests, which are a must to ascertain if you have any areas of concern and to help me design you a programme that is based around your short to long term goals and any weaknesses that appear in the tests. This is all in the design to make sure you receive the best programme tailored for you. To put your mind at rest here are just a few of the tests that compile a fitness assessment:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Body measurements
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body fat analysis
  • Blood pressure
  • A variety of testing for cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength and endurance

If the idea of these assessments make you feel nervous, please give me a call and I can go over how they work; they are designed with you in mind and can be completed with the utmost ease and comfort.

The tests are repeated throughout your training programme, this way we can monitor your progress against your goals. Please note that dependant on your goals and health history not all tests will be necessary.

Training in Pairs

If you and a friend are at similar fitness levels and hope to achieve similar goals, it is possible for Lush Fitness to train you both together. See above for further details about the type of services that will be available to you both. As this service is tailored to you both, please feel free to contact me for more information about how training in pairs can work for you and for information about your free no obligation consultation.

Please visit our Contact Us page and let us know if you would like to book a free, no obligaton consultation.

setting weight loss as a goal setting weight loss as a goal Training in pairs