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What is Pilates

Pilates was first invented by its founder Joseph Pilates who started to use his method around 80 years ago, which became very popular with dancers, gymnasts and athletes. Joseph Pilates noticed that when people had a weakness or unbalanced alignment in their body, they would over compensate another area. Consequently Joseph Pilates believed that is was most important to correct that weakness but to also re - train the body to avoid a re- occurrence of the weakness. Joseph Pilates belief that true wellbeing came from physical fitness and positive mental attitude.

Pilates has become very popular to the public off all ages and abilities due to the slow controlled movements that largely strengthen the core muscles that stabilize and maintain the spine, correct postural problems and re align the body. When training in Pilates you will bring mind and body together, centering on balance, precision, breathing and concentration.

The principles of Pilates

The following principles are what Pilates is based on and we use in our classes and 1 - 1 session's, these principles will be explained in more detail when you attend your first session.

  • Concentration
  • Breathing
  • Control
  • Centring
  • Precision
  • Flow

What To Expect On Your First Visit


  • A brief overview of your Health History and lifestyle
  • Find out and set your goals (if applicable)
  • Postural and muscle imbalance assessment
  • Posture and muscle imbalance correction
  • Flexibility testing
  • If a you are a beginner you will recieve an introduction into the fundamentals of Pilates
  • Exercises for you to take home to support first session

Follow up sessions:

  • continue working together towards your goals, this includes regularly assessments of your progress
  • Home exercise programmes are available on request
  • Continual change by slowly increase the intensity of exercises if and when appropriate

Please visit the Contact Us page and give me a call to discuss whether Pilates is right for you.


Group Sessions

Want to cut the cost of Personal Training or Pilates Training?

If you and a group of friends want to get fit or try Pilates and you have the space or a space near by? Then why not start a group. Call Lush Fitness on 07769651899 to find out how.


I regularly run classes in the East Sussex and Kent areas please call me for further details or to book a place. Please see the Class Timetable on the home page for class details.